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Wise East simplifies the process of IT related management trainings & certification hassles. Our trainings are delivered through online, classroom as well as self-study channels. This variety of dellivery channels, coupled with our highly appreciated training delivery mechanism, creates an experience that our customers find to be easy, fun & effective.

Our trainings are priced at a range that is highly competitive compared to the market. Our team of trainers come with hands-on practice experience of the topics they own, thus making the training sessions full of exmaples are anecdotes that are practical & hence interesting.

We have trainers with a minimum of 10+ years of experience in training & related practice backgrounds.

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Why Us

  • Simple:¬†We simplify the learning process with examples and methods that are unique to us
  • Contextual: We understand the business context of your training needs
  • Practical: Our sessions are filled with practical examples on the subject, making the learning practical
  • Accessible: Our trainings are available in classroom, online live & self learning channels, thus making them highly accessible
  • Affordable: Due to the highly efficient training delivery mechanism, our courses are highly affordable

Clients our Consultants have Assisted

Simplified solutions, high impact outcome

About our trainers

  • Ex-Big4 experts & trainers
  • Management training leaders
  • High capability implementation experts
  • At minimum 10+ years of experience for each trainer

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