Assessment Services

IT Governance & Management Maturity Assessment Services

Wise East offers independent & honest reporting about the maturity of the following systems of your enterprise IT services:

  • IT Governance System
  • IT Service Management System
  • Information / Cyber Security System
  • Data Protection & Privacy Systems
  • Applicable Compliances
  • Quality Management System
  • Business Continuity Management System

Our assessment services are models based, and the methodology followed is unique to us. We contextualize each assessment to suit our Client’s outcome expectations, thus making it unique to the Client’s expectations. For each assessment, we also draw upon the 100+ years of cumulative relevant expertise of our assessors.

Wise East assessors come with years of high-capability practical experience. We specialize in model based assessment for your enterprise IT governance & management

Some of the models and standards that we are experts of are:

  • ITIL® for Service Management
  • ISO/IEC 20000 for Service Management
  • SIAM for Service Integration & Service Management
  • COBIT® for Governance & Management of Enterprise IT
  • ISO/IEC 27001 for Information Security Management
  • ISO/IEC 22301 for Business Continuity Management
  • ISO/IEC 27701 for Data Privacy Management
  • GDPR for Data Privacy Management
  • ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management
  • SOC 2, NESA, SAMA, ITGC and much more for compliances

Our assessment service focuses on studying your IT division’s design & practice of the relevant IT governance & management areas & producing an independt report of your current capability/maturity. We do a full reporting with highlighted areas of your strengths and areas of improvement. 

If needed, we also define a future state maturity for your IT Organization. The future state is defined based on a pragmatic balance of your business context, your current capabilities & identified challenges. We provide a holistic improvement plan and associated roadmap of multiple months/years, as your need might be.

Our unbiased assessment report of your IT practices, mixed with an improvement roadmap can just be the starting point you needed for a paradigm shift for your IT solutions.

Final deliverables of our assessment service are:

  • An independent assessment report of your current IT management maturity
  • Recommendations for further improvement of your maturity
  • Improvement roadmap proposal for achieving the future state maturity